About Us

Storm Riders Motorcycling Club was established in the year 2000, though its story began several years before that. Having become acquainted during their participation in the informal “Two Wheelers Club”, a group of ten friends with a shared passion for all things related to motorcycling, together set in motion the creation of the first registered and accountable motorcycling club in Singapore.

Returning from a successful tour in Australia, the "group of ten" decided that the time was right to establish a formal club, and on the principle that come-rain-come-shine they would gather each and every Saturday evening in Marina South for coffee and chit-chat, the name Storm Riders was proposed and adopted by the group, enapsulating the spirit and intent of the club.

The club was registered in April 2000 as a Society under the regulations of the Singapore Registry of Societies and the number of members rapidly expanded in the following years, reaching a level of around 100 members.

Over the years, the Saturday night meeting place has moved due to redevelopment from Marina South to the Handlebar Club and then to the current location on Tanjung Katong Road.

Being a registered society, the club is managed by an annually elected President and management committee who are responsible for managing the club’s activities and finances and for lodging reports on such to the Registrar of Societies.

Most of the original founder members have transferred their earlier committee duties to ‘new blood’, but they each remain members of the club and regularly participate organised rides and events.

If you are interested in helping the Committee and have any ideas for rides and events, please contact us through this website. Any fresh ideas are most welcome.